Termovel - sportswear and functional clothing

Our products offer a wide range of uses and are specially designed to serve the purpose you have chosen well. Whether you are a sports enthusiast, or you are on an expedition trip with your children and the weather suddenly turns bad, or you are just spending a quality time in nature, Termovel is the answer. Termovel brand utilizes ECO materials and contributes to the protection of the environment. We will be happy to advise you when choosing the right product and we can even design your own original collection for you.

A large selection offers great possibilities

Clothes perfected to the last detail. Own, unique collections and designs tailored exactly to your needs.

Professional uniforms

We are changing the way you look at uniforms. We see uniforms as clothing that reflects the personality of the individual who wears it, as well as the culture of the company. Our uniforms underline and enhance the image of your company.

Camia Young

School uniforms

School uniforms must be comfortable, practical and reflect the school's values and focus and they must look great of course! We design unique collections for kindergartens and schools that students love to wear every day.


Functional clothing and thermal underwear for athletes, fishermen or hunters. We use high-quality materials and place great emphasis on design and practicality. All our clothes are produced in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.