Tereza Maxová Children's Foundation

Since January 2015, our company has been supporting the Tereza Maxová Children’s Foundation. . We donate funds to the foundation from every order made through our e-shop at www.termovel.cz  and orders made through RUTEX CZ, s.r.o.

The mission of the Tereza Maxová Children’s Foundation is to enable every child to experience a happy and safe childhood in a family environment and give disadvantaged children a chance for a better life. The main goal of the foundation is to prevent undesirable removal of children from their families, mostly done due to poverty, and support of all forms of alternative family care. In the area of institutional development of children, the foundation supports education of children and development of their skills, and thus giving them a better chance to lead a productive and full life after leaving their orphanage home.

Photos: Štěpán Hon and Jan Kolman.